Should BookTubers Write Books?

So, it’s been about 2 weeks since Christine Riccio, also known by her name on booktube, polandbananasbooks, released her debut novel “Again, But Better”. Since she’s got quite a large following on booktube (the largest sub count in the community, if I remember correctly), the expectations for this novel have been on the high side. Unfortunately, that also means people are ready to discredit the book right off the bat. I read an ARC of it, and fell somewhere in the middle. Whether or not you liked the novel, the question lingering in the air seems to be: should booktubers write books?

Forgive me for perhaps being a little biased here, since I do have a channel of my own. Honestly, I think they should. It makes a lot of sense that a person who likes to read so often would also like to try their hand at writing. Many of the arguments to this seem to say that just because you like to read a ton doesn’t mean you should write a novel, and while I agree that x does not always lead to y, I think writing skills can be cultivated and improved over time. Readers know what work best on this side of things, and they can approach writing more carefully.

But besides that, the side we don’t think often talk about is the side that includes people who have already been writing for longer than they’ve had their channels. Again, my bias comes in here because, hello, that’s me! Maybe part of the reason I’ve been thinking about this so often is because these discussions bring up insecurities on my end: if I ever write a book and am able to publish it, how many people are going to say that I only got that far because I have a channel and “have connections”? I don’t really think it’s fair to discredit the work that’s put into these novels just because they had a following prior. Does it help? I mean… I don’t see how it couldn’t. But do I know that for sure? Not at all. Do any of us, really?

I guess what’s been bothering me about this whole thing is how it seems to go against the very thing booktube claims it’s all about — support for everyone. We claim to be such an open and welcoming community, and that’s not wrong, but the second someone reaches any visible marker of success, such as getting a sponsorship or a book deal, we’re suddenly full of bitterness and claim that they’re “selling out” and “oh, everyone’s writing a book these days.” That just seems so… silly to me? My heart is bursting whenever I see that someone has worked really hard to achieve that goal, and it hurts a little when I see that people are so quick to shoot them down. Some of us have been writing for our whole lives. Some of us only discovered this passion recently. Either way, we all work really hard and I, personally, can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s achievements and read all of the books!

Are there any booktubers whose books you’re really looking forward to or think would write a great story, either based on their personality or for other reasons? For me, I hope Hailey’s and Cindy’s books are published someday, because they both sound interesting and I enjoy both of their videos!

Until next time! ♡

2 thoughts on “Should BookTubers Write Books?

  1. I’ve always found the “should booktubers/book bloggers/etc. write books” thing… kinda silly? It’s like asking “Should food critics cook?” or “Should mechanics drive cars?”. The answer is pretty clearly “yes”. Besides, anyone who wants to write a book should be able to write a book. From there, it’s up to agents and publishers whether or not the book gets published. Are some of them a bit underwhelming? YES. But that’s true of any author, from any background. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily fair that personalities (celebrity, internet, or otherwise) get their products picked up just because they’re popular and not necessarily quality, but that’s a whole different topic. Plus, books are a business and publishers need to pick what they think is going to sell – if someone already has a wide following, well, there you are.

    That said, I haven’t read Christine’s book yet. 🙂 But I think you’re right in calling out the community – one’s Christine’s booktube and her book should be totally separate topics. 🙂

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    1. Yes to all of this! 🙌🏼 Especially on it being up to agents and publishers. It would be nice if we could publish things without worrying about selling value but, well, I guess that’s what self-publishing or even putting up stories on Wattpad and the like are for? It’s like you said, it’s a business in the end!


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