WWW Wednesday #3: September 25, 2019

Hi, friends! I can’t believe it’s already my third WWW Wednesday, a weekly tag hosted by Taking on a World of Words, in which you answer the following three W’s:

🌿 What are you currently reading?
🌿 What have you finished reading recently?
🌿 What are you planning on reading next?


If you can’t tell, I’ve been in a slightly darker mood as of late, at least in my reading tastes. It’s a little funny, because as I’m reading these, I’m thinking of how much I’m craving a contemporary to balance it out a little 😅 (But I’ll get to those with my secret tbr soon enough~ 👀) I started The Liar’s Daughter because I actually saw it at a Barnes and Noble and went into a panic because I have the e-ARC and thought I’d missed the chance to review it in time. It turns out I didn’t — it comes out October 1st — but I guess the book wasn’t a strict-on-sale title and it came in early? As for The Turn of the Key, I’ve been seeing it everywhere online, but it was Meg’s video of her time reading it that made me really want to pick it up.


Apparently, I enjoy pain. This week, I decided to pick up some backlist Taylor Jenkins Reid titles. I had put some audiobooks on hold at the library and forgot about it until I got emails letting me know, so I figured, why not? After I was done hurting my own soul, I finally finished A Lesson in Thorns! What… a…. time. Big shoutout to my boyfriend for reading some of it with me or out loud to me.


If you’ve seen my seasonal TBR video, you’ll know that I’m… not making a dent in it at all. That’s mostly fine, because it’s meant to run through around mid-November, but still. I’d like to get to some of it soon! Part of this is because there are some readathons coming up in October that I’d like to participate in, and I’m not sure how I’ll structure them yet, so I’ve been trying to save my seasonal TBR to knock out during this time. I figure reaching for a creepy book and a fun witchy book wouldn’t hurt, right? I mean, who knows, though — if this week goes anything like last week, I won’t be able to control my wild mood-reading.

That’s it for this time! I hope everyone has been having a great reading month and closes off September with some five-stars! 💗


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